Stacey Tytler Raab
Dance is an expressive outlet and a way for many to communicate their feelings. I strive to help my
students improve technique, strength, musicality, and quality of movement as well as encouraging
them to dance from deep down inside. It’s not just about going through the motions but being present
and connecting to their surroundings. I believe that this is important as an artist but also as a human
— Stacey Tytler Raab


IBR Photography: Stacey Raab and dancers from The Studio, Enola, PA

IBR Photography: Stacey Raab and dancers from The Studio, Enola, PA

My name is Stacey Tytler Raab and I am a Central Pennsylvania-based dance educator and choreographer.  For more than 15 years, I have worked with dancers to help them to reach their goals. My students have gone on to select college dance and professional trainee programs of their choice.

I work with dancers in a group or private setting to address issues with alignment and overall technique. I maintain a strict yet encouraging structure— expecting dancers to work to their fullest potential. Dance can be fun, but it is also hard work. I strive to ignite their passion for dance.

In addition to private and guest instruction, I am available to choreograph photo shoots, audition solos and assist with audition videos/photos. I can provide feedback for pieces or competition dances. Learn more about each service here.